Catalog of Species in the Tribe Laphriini in North America North of Mexico

This catalog is based on the sections by Wilcox & Martin in the 1965 Diptera Catalog for Lampria Macquart and Laphria Meigen [s. lat.]. These two genera are currently the only two robber fly genera north of Mexico that belong to the tribe Laphriini. Laphria sensu Wilcox & Martin includes all the species currently described in Laphria s. str. as well as those that will eventually be placed in Choerades Walker and the two genera I will be describing. After I've published the reassignments I will of course separate out the four genera on-line. At that time I will also list the new species, if they have already been published elsewhere.

But for now all the described Laphria s. lat. are lumped together. I have flagged the names of species in Laphria s. str. that were represented by identified specimens in the approximately 20,000 Laphria s. lat. I borrowed for my PhD. dissertation. These include all the Laphria s. str. species that have been recognized in the literature since about 1850. My flagging them here says nothing about their eventual validity. Several are undoubtedly synonyms. And some that I did not flag (i.e. that have never been recognized) may be valid. The flags are links to my write-ups as well as to transcripts of the original descriptions. When the new genera are published I will add similar links for the included species in both them and in Choerades. And for these three genera, I will replace the state listings from the 1965 Diptera Catalog with links to detailed distribution maps. Here is an example of the kind of map I am talking about. This one is for Choerades gilvus--the one currently known Holarctic species in the genus. These maps are already completed.

As now listed the citations are for the most part simply a copy of what was presented in the 1965 Diptera Catalog, except for a couple of instances where that had either the year or page wrong. I also added the one North American Laphria that has been described since then, Laphria calvescenta, which was described in 1975 by Baker, in Baker and Fischer. This is a synonym of Laphria milvina Bromley. The full literature references are all included in the Bibliography. In the list below, the bulleted items are synonyms.

For all the names where I could find photographs of a type on-line I put a link to those photographs at the end of the listing, with the link text specifiying the kind of type. All of the links so far are to the Type Database at the Museum of Comparative Zoology, and most of them are to Holotypes.

Last, this is meant to be a working list, as much for my own benefit as for that of anyone else, as I move forward with my review of Laphria s. str. It will therefore change. Any changes or annotations I make will be noted in my Laphriini Blog.

Genus LAMPRIA Macquart

Lampria Macquart, 1838: 60. Type-species, Laphria clavipes Fabricius (Coquillett, 1910b: 557).

bicolor (Wiedemann), 1828: 522 (Laphria) .-Unknown; Ind. to Conn., s. to Tex. and Fla.

  • aniosa Say, 1829: 155 (Laphria).-Ind.
  • megacera Macquart, 1834 : 284 (Laphria).-Pa.
  • antaea Walker, 1849: 379 (Laphria).-Fla.

    corallogaster (Bigot,), 1878: 226 (Laphria).-N. Amer.

    rubriventris (Macquart), 1834: 284 (Laphria) .-Pa.; Ga., Tex.

  • Genus LAPHRIA Meigen

    Laphria Meigen, 1800: 25. Type-species, Asilus gibbosus Linnaeus (Coquillett, 1910b: 557). Suppressed by I.C .Z.N., 1963b: 339.

    Laphria Meigen, 1803: 270. Type-species, Asilus gibbosus Linnneus (Latreille, 1810 : 443).

    Ropalocera Meigen, 1820 : 301. Type-species, Laphria nigripennis Meigen (mon.) .

    Bombomima Enderlein, 1914c : 253. Type-species, Laphria fulvithorax Fabricius (orig. des.) = thoracica Fabricius.

    Dasyllis, authors, not Loew.

    aeata Walker, 1849 : 381.-Hudson Bay; Alta.

    affinis Macquart, 1855: 74.-Md.; N.J., Ala., Ga.

    aimatis McAtee, 1918:160.--Calif.;Colo.

    aktis McAtee, 1918: 152.-Pa.; Ohio, Va., N.C. TYPE

    altitudinum Bromley, 1924 : 126.- Maine ; N.H., N.Y. HOLOTYPE

    apila (Bromley), 1951 : 22 (Bombomima).-Ala.; Ga., Tenn.

    asackeni Wilcox, in Wilcox & Martin, 1965: 389 (for sackeni Wilcox).-Calif.; Alaska, B.C., Oreg., Idaho, Mont. N . name.

  • sackeni Wilcox, 1936: 8 (preocc. Banks, 1917).--Calif. HOLOTYPE

    astur Osten Sacken, 1877: 285.-Calif.; Wash., Oreg. SYNTYPE

  • californica Banks, 1917 : 54 (Dasyllis).-Calif

    asturina (Bromley), 1951: 22 (Bombomima).-B.C .; Alaska, Wash., Oreg., Calif.

  • astur authors, not Osten Sacken.

    canis Williston, l884: 31.-Conn.; Ohio, Pa., N.Y., Md., Va.

  • dispar Banks, 1911 : 130 (preocc. Coquillett, 1898).-N.Y. HOLOTYPE
  • disparella Banks, 1913: 52 (n. name for dispar Banks).- N.Y .

    carbonaria Snow, 1896 : 181 (n. name for anthrax Williston) .-Calif.; N. Mex.

  • anthrax Williston, 1884: 29 (preocc. Meigen, 1804).-Calif.

    carolinensis Schiner, l867: 380.--Carolina.

    champlainii (Walton), 1910 : 243 (Dasyllis) .-Pa.; Conn.

    cinerea (Back), 1904 : 289 (Dasyllis) .-N .C.; N.Y.

    columbica Walker, 1866 : 338.-B .C .; Wash., Oreg.

    coquillettii McAtee, 1918: 257.-Calif.

    divisor (Banks), 1917: 54 (Dasyllis).-N .C.; Wis., Ill., Maine, Pa. HOLOTYPE

    engelhardti (Bromley), 1931a: 434 (Bombomima).-Colo.; Ariz., N. Mex.

    fattigi (Bromley), 1951: 23 (Bombomima).-Ga.

    felis (Osten Sacken), 1877: 286 (Lampria).-Calif.; B.C ., Wash., Oreg., Utah, Wyo., Colo. HOLOTYPE

  • xanthippe Williston, 1884 : 31.-Oreg. HOLOTYPE
  • atripes McAtee, 1918: 161 (as var.).-Colo.
  • crocea McAtee, 1918: 162 (as var.). -Wash.
  • varipes McAtee, 1918: 162 (as val.).-Colo.

    fernaldi (Back), 1904: 290 (Dasyllis).-Colo.; Wash., Oreg. Utah.

    ferox Williston, 1884: 29.-Wash. ; B.C., Mont.

    flavescens Macquart, 1838: 69.-Carolina and Pyrenees.

    flavico1lis Say, 1825: 374.-Northwest Territory (U.S .); Iowa to Que., s. to Tex. and Fla.

  • melanopogon Wiedemann, 1828: 520.-Ky.

    flavipila Macquart, 1834: 282.-U.S.

    franciscana Bigot, 1878: 225.-Calif.; B.C., Wash.

    georgina Wiedemann, 1821: 235.-Ga.

    gilva (Linnaeus), 1758: 605 (Asilus).-Europe; Wash. and Oreg. to Mass.

  • bilineata Walker, 1849: 1156.-Ont.

    grossa (Fabricius), 1775: 791 (Asilus).-Amer.; Pa., Ga., Fla.

  • tergissa Say, 1823: 74.-Pa.
  • analis Macquart, 1838b: 68.-N . Amer.
  • flavibarbis Harris, 1862: 604.-Unknown. HOLOTYPE

    huron (Bromley), 1929: 159 (Bombomima).-Ont.; N.B., N.Y.

    index McAtee, 1918: 164.-Pa.; e. Canada, N.H ., N.Y., N.J ., Va.

    insignis (Banks), 1917: 54 (Dasyllis).-Labr.; Calif. HOLOTYPE

    ithypyga McAtee, 1918: 165.-Pa.; Md.

    janus McAtee, 1918: 153.-N.H.; B.C. and Wash. to Maine, s. to Colo. and N.Y.

    lasipes Wiedemann, 1828: 502.-Ky.

    lata Macquart, 1850: 379 (n. name for analis Macquart, 1846).-Tex.; La.

  • analis Macquart, 1846: 206 (Mallophora; preocc. Macquart, 1838).-Tex.

    macquarti (Banks), 1917: 54 (Dasyllis).-Tex. HOLOTYPE

    melanogaster Wiedemann, 1821: 236.-Mexico; Tex., Ga.

    milvina Bromley, 1929: 160.-B.C.; Oreg.

  • calvescenta Baker, in Baker and Fischer, 1975: 56-58.-Mich.

    nigella (Bromley), 1934a: 93 (Bombomima).-Tex.

    partitor (Banks), 1917: 54 (Dasyllis).-B .C .; Wash., Oreg. HOLOTYPE

    posticata Say, 1825: 374.-Northwest Territory (U.S.); Wis., Ont., Que., N.Y.

  • brunnea Bromley, 1929: 159 (Bombomima; as var.). -Ont. ?Var.
  • scutellaris Bromley, 1929: 159 (Bombomima; as var.).-Ont.

    rapax Osten Sacken, 1877: 286.-Calif.;Wash., Oreg. HOLOTYPE

    royalensis (Bromley), 1950c: 2 (Bombomima).-Mich.

    sackeni (Banks), 1917: 54 (Dasyllis).-Calif.; Oreg. HOLOTYPE

    sacrator Walker, 1849: 382.-N .S .; Wis. to Que., s. to Conn.

    sadales Walker, 1849: 378.-N .Y.; B.C. to N.H., s. to Calif.

  • pubescens Williston, 1884: 32.-Wash. SYNTYPE

    saffrana Fabricius, 1805: 160.-Carolina; Va, N.C., Ga., Fla.

    scorpio McAtee, 1918: 163.-N .H.; N.Y., Vt.

    semitecta (Coquillett), 1910a: 124 (Dasyllis).-Man.

    sericea Say, 1823: 74.-US.; Ill., Atlantic Seaboard States.

    sicula McAtee, 1918: 165.-Md.; Ill., Ohio, Pa., Va.

    terraenovae Macquart, 1838: 69.-Nfld.

    thoracica Fabricius, 1805: 158.-N. Amer.; e. of the Rocky Mts.

  • fulvithorax Fabricius, 1805: 373 (unjustified n. name for thoracica Fabricius).-N. Amer.
  • alcanor Walker, 1849: 383.-Mass.

    trux McAtee, 1918: 158.-Calif.

  • audax McAtee, 1918: 158 (as var.). -Calif.

    unicolor Williston, 1884: 26 (Dasyllis).-Wash.

    ventralis Williston, 1885: 55.-Calif.; Wash.

    virginica (Banks), 1917: 53 (Dasyllis).-Va. HOLOTYPE

    vivax Williston, 1884: 30.-Wash.; B.C., Colo.

    anthemon McAtee, 1918: 156 (as ssp.).-N. Mex.

    vorax (Bromley), 1929: 158 (Bombomima).-Kans.; Nebr.

    vultur Osten Sacken, 1877: 286.-Calif.; Wash., Oreg. SYNTYPE

    winnemana McAtee, 1918: 168.-Md.; Canada, Pa., Va.

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