Laphria flavicollis Say: Original Description

Say, T. 1825. IN Keating: Narrative of an expedition to the source of St. Peter's River . . . under the command of S. H. Long. In two volumes. Philadelphia. Insects by Thomas Say. Vol. 2, Page 374-375.

2. L. FLAVICOLLIS.--Black; wings dusky; hair of the head and thorax yellow.

Inhabits North-west Territory.

Head with long yellow hairs, and a few black ones over the mouth; proboscis, antennae, and palpi black, the latter with hairs; thorax thickly clothed with yellow hair, immaculate; wings dusky; nervures fuscous; poisers [p. 375] dark reddish-brown; feet with black hair; a few pale hairs on the basal half of the thighs, and many about the origin of the feet; tergum black, with a slight shade of blue, polished, and with black hairs.

Length more than half an inch.

This species resembles the thoracica Fabr., but may be distinguished by the color of the hair of the head; it is also a smaller insect, with a more slender form.

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