Laphria semitecta (Coquillett): Original Description

Coquillett, D. W. 1910. New genera and species of North American Diptera. Proceedings Entomological Society of Washington Vol. 12, Page 124.

Dasyllis semitecta, new species.

Black, the tarsi brown, the pulvilli and bases of claws yellow. Hairs black, dorsum of abdominal segments two to six densely covered with light yellow hairs, narrow apices of femora, both ends of tibiae, and whole of the tarsi with whitish hairs. Wings grayish hyline, the veins bordered with brown.

Length, 19 mm.

Winnipeg, Canada. A female specimen collected June 1, 1908, by Mr. J. B. Wallis.

Type: No. 13089, U. S. National Museum.

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