Laphria fattigi (Bromley): Original Description

Bromley, S. W. 1951. Asilid notes (Diptera) with descriptions of thirty-two new species. Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist., Amer. Mus. Novitates No. 1532, Pages 23-24.

Bombomima fattigi, new species

Total length, 26 mm. A black species, yellow pilose, about the size of a champlainii Walton, but distinguished by the red hairs on dorsum of abdomen. Related to vorax Bromley, but the arrangement of red pile is quite different.

FEMALE: Mystax, beard, part of palpal, vertical, and antennal hairs yellow. Black hairs on occiput, vertex, antennae, oral [p. 24] margin, and palpi, more or less interspersed with the pale hairs.

Pronotal bristles mostly black, a few pale, as are the humeral hairs. Disc of mesonotum with appressed, long, yellow pile. Scutellum with black hairs and marginal bristles. Long vestiture of pleura and coxae yellow. Legs with mostly black hairs and bristles, a few pale hairs on the forelegs and fewer still on the second pair of legs. Halteres and wings pale brown.

Abdomen with few black hairs on first three tergites, and on the seventh and succeeding segments. Lateral portions with yellow pile. Tergites 4, 5, and 6 with red hairs. Ovipositor black, with yellow pile.

TYPE: Holotype female, Yonah Mountain, Georgia, June 22, 1935 (P. W. Fattig).

This is the species referred to by Fattig in his list of robber flies of Georgia (1945, p. 20, no. 71).

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