Laphria columbica Walker Original Description

Walker, F. "Description of Laphria columbica." IN Lord, J. K.: The Naturalist in Vancouver Island and British Columbia Vol. II, Page 338.

Laphria columbica. N. S.

Mas.--Subaeneo-nigro; capite pilis subauratis densissime vestito; mystace e setis nigris; thorace nigro-piloso, fascia subaurato-piloso; abdomine apicem versus subaurato pioso; femoribus posticis in-crassatis nigro-pilosis; tibiis posticis lividis apice nigris; alis nigricantibus areolarum discis cinereis.

Laphria Male.--Black with very slight aeneous tinge. head very thickly clothed with slightly gilded hairs; vertex and hind side with black hairs; mystax composed of black bristles. Thorax clothed with short black hairs; fore part with fawn-coloured pubescence; a band of slightly gilded hairs across the hind part of the scutum. Abdomen clothed toward the tip with slightly gilded hairs. Legs mostly clothed with slightly gilded hairs; hind femora incrassated with black hairs; hind tibiae livid, and with slightly gilded hairs, except towards the tips. Wings blackish; discs of most of the areolets cinereous; veins and halteres black. Length of body, 9 lines; of the wings, 16 lines.

This species has most resemblance to L. postica, from which it may be distinguished by the pale hairs on the hind tibiae.

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