Laphria nigella (Bromley): Original Description

Bromley, S. W. 1934. The robber flies of Texas (Diptera: Asilidae). Annals of the Entomological Society of America Vol. 27, Page 93.

(90) Bombomima nigella n. sp.

Total length, 19 mm. Described from one male. Black, black haired, the following portions with yellowish hairs: the mesonotum, the posterior lateral portions of abdominal tergite number two and the complete dorsal areas of segments three and four.

Male.--Head black, vestiture wholly black. Thorax black with black vestiture, including pronotum and scutellum. Disk of mesonotum with brownish yellow pile. Legs black with black vestiture; undersides of tibiae reddish brown to piceous, the anterior tarsi reddish brown pruinose below. Wings and halteres dark brown. Abdomen black; black pilose for the most part, but with dorsal areas of segments three and four and the lateral portions (posterior) of number two, yellow pilose. Genitalia piceous, black haired.

Holotype, male, Austin, May 21, 1921 (R. H. Painter) (in Painter's collection).

Related to macquartii, but there is no yellow pile on the legs, and the distribution of the yellow pile on the abdomen is different. In macquartii, the first abdominal segments are yellow haired above.

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