Laphria vorax (Bromley): Original Description

Bromley, S. W. 1929. Notes on the asilid genera Bombomima and Laphria with descriptions of three new species and two new varieties (Diptera). Canadian Entomologist Vol. 61, Page 158.

Bombomima vorax new species

Length: 20 mm., exclusive of proboscis. Related to B. fernaldi Back from which it may be distinguished by the 6th abdominal tergite with only black hairs, the larger and stronger proboscis, and the larger and stouter genitalia which are entirely black with black hairs. In fernaldi the genitalia may be somewhat brownish with yellow and orange hairs.

Vorax is to be distinguished from posticata Say by the presence of yellowish hairs in front of the wings, instead of black; its larger size; proportionately longer and more slender abdomen; and the presence of orange colored hairs on the 4th and 5th tergites. It also differs from posticata in that it lacks the prominent tuft of yellow hairs on each side of the third tergite.

Male. Head black, the proboscis large and stout, widening slightly in profile before the tip. Mystax, hairs of the face, a few hairs on 1st antennal segment, beard and post-genal hairs brassy yellow. Palpal hairs, part of the antennal bristles, hairs of the vertex, occipital hairs and bristles, black. Thorax black, pronotal bristles black; hairs on anterior border of mesonotum, black. Hairs of mesonotum, coxae, tuft of hairs in front of halteres and in front of wings, brassy yellow. Legs black, pulvilli pale brown. Most of hairs on legs black. The anterior and middle tibiae are quite thickly set with yellowish hairs. Wings light brownish-gray with reddish veins. Halteres pale yellowish brown. Abdomen black. First three segments with mostly black hairs, but there are a few yellowish hairs on the posterior lateral margins. 4th and 5th tergites thickly covered with short, closely appressed yellowish hairs, intermingled with reddish-orange hairs. The latter are absent on the sides but make up most of the vestiture of the median dorsal area. 6th tergite with only black hairs. genitalia large, black, with black hairs.

Female. Similar but with fewer yellow hairs on the anterior and middle tibiae. The ovipositor is black with black hairs except the very tip which bears a very few yellowish hairs.

Holotype. [Male], Montgomery County, Ks. (798 ft. elevation) 1916. Collected by R. H. beamer.

Allotype. [Female], Nebraska, in American Museum Collection, No. 5090 (W. M. Wheeler).

Paratypes. 2 [Males], Nebraska, in American Museum Collection, Nos. 5091 and 5092 (W. M. Wheeler); 1 [Female], Montgomery County, Ks. (798 ft. elevation) 1916.

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