Laphria posticata scutellaris (Bromley): Original Description

Bromley, S. W. 1929. Notes on the asilid genera Bombomima and Laphria with descriptions of three new species and two new varieties (Diptera). Canadian Entomologist Vol. 61, Page 159-160.

B. posticata var. scutellaris var. nov.

A race of posticata with the vestiture more yellowish than the above but in [p. 160] general with a more brownish tinge than the typical form. The scutellum has the bristles yellowish instead of black.

Holotype. [Male], Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, July 7, 1889.

Paratypes. [Males], Three others from Sudbury, Ont., July 7, 1889; Fairy Lake, Quebec, June 15, 1923 (R. Ozburn); Lake Nipigon July 1, 1882 (James Fletcher); a [male] and [female] on same pin from Aylmer, Quebec, July 24, 1924 (C. H. Curran).

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