Laphria fernaldi (Back): Original Description

Back, E. A. 1904. New species of North American Asilidae. Canadian Entomologist Vol. 36, Page 290.

Dasyllis Fernaldi, sp. nov.--Black; segments 4-5 of abdomen with fulvous pile. Length 15-18 mm.

[Male Female].--Head: pile covering entire head, excepting on the oral and occippito-orbital margins and of palpi, where it is black, dull yellow. Basal segments of antennae black with sparse yellow pile; third joint covered with pale pubescence. Thoracic dorsum with short, sparse dull yellow pile intermixed with black on portion above and in front of wings; humeri with small rufous spot and black pile. In no place does the pile completely hide the dorsum. Pleura black with a bronze tinge. Scutellum with short black pile and long bristles. halteres yellowish.

Abdomen moderately slender; tergum of segment I with short black hairs, apparently nude, likewise on segment 2, except pile is yellow and more perceptible; on segment 3 still denser and has more of a fulvous tinge. Longer pile on lateral margins of segments 1, 2, 3, yellow and increasing in quantity. Segment 4 entirely clothed with fulvous pile, excepting a few hairs on lateral margin. This fulvous pile extends back over sides of segment 5 and its anterior border, otherwise segment 5 and following segments with dull yellow pile. Genitalia of male large, with sparse yellow pile and few black bristles. Venter thinly clothed with long yellow pile. Legs black; coxae with yellow pile; femora and tibiae, especially on outer portion, with sparse yellow pile, more abundant on anterior legs, rest of pile short, black. Intermediate femora on the anterior side with short row of black bristles. tarsi black with black bristles and very short yellow pile, varying in amount. Claws balck, rufous at base; pulvilli tawny. Wings slighly fuscous. Expanse, 30 mm.

Described from three males and one female from Colorado. Co-types deposited as follows: 1 male in collection of Massaachusetts Agricultural College and two males and one female in collection of American Entomological Society, Philadelphia.

I have named this species after Dr. H. T. Fernald, in recognition of his kind services.

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