Laphria posticata brunnea (Bromley): Original Description

Bromley, S. W. 1929. Notes on the asilid genera Bombomima and Laphria with descriptions of three new species and two new varieties (Diptera). Canadian Entomologist Vol. 61, Page 159.

B. posticata var. brunnea var. nov.

A race of posticata from Ontario and Manitoba has the light vestiture brown instead of yellow and the ground color of the abdomen somewhat metallic bluish, otherwise the specimens agree with posticata. Some of the hairs on the scutellum may be brownish.

Holotype. [Male], Macdiarmid, Lake Nipigon, Ontario. Aug. 24, 1923 (N. K. Bigelow).

Paratypes. [Males], Victoria Beach, Manitoba. July 22, 1923, and two July 22, 1922; (G. S. Brooks).

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