Laphria asturina (Bromley) Original Description

Bromley, S. W. 1951. Asilid notes (Diptera) with descriptions of thirty-two new species. Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist., Amer. Mus. Novitates No. 1532, Pages 22-23.

Bombomima asturina, new species

Total length, 14-24 mm. A black species with red pile on the dorsum of abdomen, distinguished from B. fernaldi Back by the predominantly black instead of yellow pile on the first two abdominal tergites, and by the greater amount of black pile inter- [p. 23] mingled with the yellow on the anterior half of the mesonotal disc.

MALE: Head black, yellow pilose with a few black hairs on vertex, antennae, oral margin, and palpi; the occipitals mostly black. Beard white.

Pronotal hairs mostly black, a few pale interspersed. Mesonotum yellow pilose, with many black hairs on anterior half. Scutellum with black hairs and bristles. Pleural tufts yellow. front coxae with white pile, successively thinner, shorter, and with more black on the second and third pairs. legs with black bristles and hairs, the tibiae and fore femora with considerable pale yellow pile. Halteres black, wings pale brown.

Abdomen with black hairs on the first three tergites, the sides with a few pale hairs intermingled; fourth, fifth, and sixth with red hairs, seventh and eighth with yellow pile. Genitalia black, with yellow pile and a few red hairs interspersed.

FEMALE: Similar; ovipositor black, with yellow hairs and black bristles along sides.

TYPES: Holotype, male, Robson, British Columbia, July 17, 1938 (H. R. Foxlee). Allotopotype, female, July 13, 1941, same data. Paratopotypes eight males, five females, May 20 to August 22, 1941-1945, same data. paratypes, female, Revelstoke Mountain, British Columbia, 6000 feet, August 12, 1923 (E. R. Buckell); female, Lillooet, British Columbia, May 27, 1925 (E. R. Buckell); female, Seton Lake, Lillooet, British Columbia, July 14, 1926 (J. McDunnough); male, Lillooet, British Columbia, August 10 (C. H. Young); male, Alta Lake, Mons, British Columbia, July 11, 1926 (J. McDunnough); male, three females, Courtenay, British Columbia, June 17, 1932 (J. L. G.).

This is the species referred to astur Walker by Banks in his article on Dasyllis. Banks' species californicus is a synonym of astur.

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