Laphria macquarti (Banks): Original Description

Banks, N. 1917. Synopsis of the genus Dasyllis (Asilidae). Bulletin Brooklyn Entomological Society Vol. 12, Page 54-55.

Dasyllis macquarti n. sp.--May be the species recorded by Macquart [p. 55] as the female of Mallophora analis. I have a male which agrees with this description. The head is black haired; the thorax yellow above; hair on scutellum, in front of the wings and in front of the halters is black; the legs black haired, except the middle tibiae are yellow haired on outer side; the abdomen has four basal segments yellow, rest black. The superior male appendages are similar to those of D. lata but more swollen below and the outer side only slightly excavate. Length 17 mm.

From Texas.

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