Laphria posticata Say: Original Description

Say, T. 1825. IN Keating: Narrative of an expedition to the source of St. Peter's River . . . under the command of S. H. Long. In two volumes. Philadelphia. Insects by Thomas Say. Vol. 2, Page 374.

1. L. POSTICATA.--Black; thorax and before the tip of the tergum covered with yellow hair.

Inhabits North-west Territory.

Antennae, hair of the vertex and of each side of the antennae, black; long hairs beneath the antennae yellowish; hair of the cheeks long, white; thorax covered with yellow hair, immaculate; pleura and pectus black, the latter with long whitish hair between the feet; poisers yellowish-white; wings dusky; tergum blued-black, polished, with black hairs each side; two last segments and posterior margin of the preceding segment covered with yellow hair; venter polished, immaculate.

Length three-fifths of an inch.

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