Laphria insignis (Banks): Original Description

Banks, N. 1917. Synopsis of the genus Dasyllis (Asilidae). Bulletin Brooklyn Entomological Society Vol. 12, Page 54.

Dasyllis insignis n. sp.--Black; clothed with black and much yellow hair, head with yellow hair, some black hair on the lower face; thorax with yellow hair above, but a band of red hair on the posterior part and on the scutellum; hair in front of halters yellow; that in front of wing base mostly black; abdomen (except basal two segments) with yellow hair; legs, with front and mid coxae, and all of femora and tibiae bearing some yellow hairs, but not dense anywhere. Superior male appendages broadly rounded below, outer side oblique, not excavated. Length 14 mm.

From Labrador; the mss. name of Loew, who had given names to several of the species described here as new, as well as to champlaini and to cinerea.

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