Laphria champlainii (Walton):

    mystax top portion yellow, bottom portion black

    beard yellow, except for indistinct patch of black hairs on each side dorsolaterally

    hairs underneath the proboscis yellow in male, black in female

    palpal hairs black


    tuft of hairs in front of wings mostly black; yellow hairs limited to dorsal margin

    tuft of hairs in front of haltere mostly yellow; a few black hairs present

    scutellar hairs black on disk; on margin some black and some yellow

    ground color of legs

    fore- and mid-tibiae in male, with yellow hairs along entire posterior surface; in female, with scattered yellow hairs on basal fourth of posterior surface

    hind tibiae black haired

    hind femora black haired, except for a few scattered yellow hairs on apex or "knee"; these yellow hairs not conspicuous, and cannot be seen without using a dissecting microscope

    abdominal segments in both male and female first 4 tergites covered with yellow hair, except on extreme anteriolateral margins of first, and medially on first three, tergites, where the hairs are black. A few scattered black hairs and bristles are also found at the extreme lateral margins of tergites 2-5. Yellow hairs are also present on tergite 5. In the male, medially these hairs are thinly distributed along the anterior third to fourth of the tergite; the area they cover, however, widens, and their density thickens, as one moves further from the mid-line towards the sides, where they occupy the length of the tergite. The fifth tergite of the female is similar to that of the male, except that the yellow hairs are much sparser medially, and the area they cover does not expand quite so quickly as one moves laterally. This difference, and the strong contrast to the thick and ubiquitous yellow hair of the preceding segment, the makes the tergite appear black at first glance. The rest of the abdomen is black haired in both the male and the female

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