by Stephen W. Bullington

Eleven of the following twelve plates are from an as yet unpublished manuscript titled "A redescription of the North American robber fly genus Dasylechia (Diptera: Asilidae), with unsuspected synonymy of an African form." The first-listed plate is currently not included in the manuscript. I also need to modify Fig. 29 slightly before it will be ready for publication (The furca is drawn much too generally).

The links are ultimately to GIFs, which work well for line drawings and should load up quickly. I modified these particular GIFs so that their width was 770 pixels--just the right size to fit comfortably on a screen 800 pixels wide. Use the scroll button to move up or down. It helps to view the photos full screen (F11 in Opera). The immediate links are to additional HTM pages; it is these pages and not the drawing themselves that conatin the figure captions.

Dasylechia Plates