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December 7, 2013

I added seven annotated references to the bibliography, namely Felt (1910), Greene (1910), Nicolay (1919), Wandoleck (1905), Washburn (1905), Weiss (1915), and Young (1910). The complete references are:

Felt, E. P. 1910. Insect types in New York State Museum, pp. 119-122 IN 25th Report of the State Entomologist 1909. Education Dept. Bull. 475 (New York State Mus. Bull. 141), pp. 5-178 (p. 120, Dasyllis cinerea Back (cotype)).

Greene, G. M. 1910. Feldman collecting social. Entomol. News 21:430-431 (p. 430, Dasyllus [sic] champlaini Walton).

Nicolay, A. S. 1919. Additions to Insects of New Jersey No. 7. Entomol. News 30:276-279 (p. 278, Dasyllis cinerea Back).

Wandolleck, C. 1905. Diptera für 1904. Archiv für Naturgeschichte. 1905(2):787-823 (p. 813, Dasyllis cinerea n. sp., D. fernaldi n. sp. ... Back; this is a catalog of all the new Diptera described in 1904).

Washburn, F. L. 1905. Diptera of Minnesota. Two-winged flies affecting the farm, garden, stock and household. Minn. Agr. Expt. Sta. Ann. Rpt. (1904-1905) 13:19-168, Figs. 4-163, 2 pls. (p. 87, Dasyllis thoracica, Fab. [also Fig. 79], Laphria sericea, Say [also Plate II, Fig. 21], and Dasyllis sacrator, Walk. [also Plate II, Fig. 10]).

Weiss, H. B. 1915. Additions to Insects of New Jersey. Entomol. News 26:101-107 (p. 106, Dasyllis champlaini Walton).

Young, D. B. 1910. Additional list of Adirondack insects, pp. 123-125 IN 25th Report of the State Entomologist 1909. Education Dept. Bull. 475 (New York State Mus. Bull. 141), pp. 5-178 (p. 124, Dasyllis sacrator Walk., Laphria sericea Say).

I also annotated two additional citations that were already present, namely Brimley (1922) and Leonard (1928). The complete annotations are:

Brimley, C. S. 1922. List of the robberflies (Asilidae, Diptera) of North Carolina. Entomol. News 33:294-298 (p. 296, Dasyllis affinis Macq., Dasyllis champlaini Walton, Dasyllis cinerea Back, Dasyllis divisor Banks, Dasyllis flavicollis Say, Dasyllis grossa Fabr., Dasyllis posticata Say, Dasyllis sacrator Walker, Dasyllis thoracica Fabr., Dasyllis virginica Bks., Lampria bicolor Wied., Lampria rubriventris Macq., Laphria aktis McAtee, Laphria index McAtee, Laphria saffrana Fabr., Laphria sericea Say, Laphria sicula McAtee) .

Leonard, M. D. 1928. A list of the insects of New York. Mem. Cornell Univ. Agric. Exp. Stn., 1926. 1121 pp. + fold-out map (p. 768, L.[ampria] bicolor Wied., D.[asyllis] affinis Macq., D. champlainii Walton, D. cinerea Back, D. flavicollis Say, D. grossa Fab., D. posticata Say, D. sacrator Wlk., D. thoracica Fab., L.[aphria] aeatus Wlk., L. aktis McAtee; p. 769, L. altitudinum Bromley, L. canis Will., L. dispar Bks. (canis Will.?), L. gilva L. (bilineata Wlk.), L. sadalis Wlk. (pubescens Will.), L. scorpio McAtee, L. sericea Say. Note that Dasyllis champlainii Walton is spelled with two terminal "i"s.).

Last, I corrected and annotated an additional citation, Criddle (1921), below. Originally, I had the page numbers wrong.

Criddle, N. 1921. The entomological record, 1920. Entomol. Soc. Ont. Ann. Rept. No. 51:72-90 (p. 84, Dasyllis californica Banks, Dasyllis fernaldi Banks, Dasyllis partitor Banks, Dasyllis insignis Banks, Laphria janus McA., Laphria felis O. S., Laphria ferox Willst., Laphria gilva Linn.).