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A Link for Karl (1959)

September 10, 2023

I made a mistake in my recent post for August 26. I said that there was no copy of Karl (1959) on-line. There is. The original German version is here. This web copy is much better than the scan I had in 1978, from which I xeroxed the drawings to splice in to my translation. It is also much better quality than the later copy included in Geller Grimm's CD of asilid literature for research workers. It includes all the illustrations. Plates with drawings of several European Laphria species (Laphria ephippium (Fabr.), L. ignea (Meigen), L. azurea Hermann, L. clavipes Fabr.) are on pages 660 and 661. For all four species the basistylus and dististylus are clearly labelled with the abbreviations bst and dst, respecitively.

A copy I converted to DJVU format (@ 600 dpi) is here. I personally find that for large papers like this one that the DJVU format is easier and smoother to navigate through than the PDF format, mainly because you can open a side bar with thumbnails of all the pages. Acrobat will do this, too, but it is clumsy and slow in comparison. You can download a DJVU reader here. The site is in Russian. Most browsers should allow you to translate on the fly.

Of course, the article is still in German, which will limit its usefullness for English speakers. But the website has an "Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)" license which allows re-posting the original as well as derivative works. Meaning eventually I can post a copy of my translation here. Right now, I only have a single paper copy, that I typed with a manual typewriter as I converted it into readable English, over the winter of 1978-79.