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March 26, 2012

I had an essay the other day up here on the current state of taxonomy. I took it down. I had thought it was finished. But after waiting a day and reading it again I realized it still needed a lot of work, and would possibly give the wrong impression. It read like I was carping. That's not what I intended. It's true taxonomy as a profession has been in a sad state for about 25 years. But that's neither my fault nor my problem -- personally I'm doing just fine. I've got a great job and an even better avocation. When all-is-said-and-done possibly I will accomplish more of what I enjoy this way than I ever would have otherwise.

I did a few other things since I last wrote. I worked on bringing the web pages for the two new genera up to par with those for Laphria s. str. It'll be a long while before they're on-line but if I don't do it as I go along I'll lose all continuity between the several genera. I also added links to the MCZ types for all the species in the catalog that are in their type collection.

It'll be two weeks or more before I get to putting up any photos, either as new items or replacements. This last weekend was very busy and I didn't get to use the camera.

It's Spring now and the best several months for collecting Laphriini have begun. In a week or so I should be taking some short photo outings. Hopefully I'll get some good shots of live flies. One of the good things about photography is you don't need a permit to do it in a park. I'll report on anything I do here.